How to recognize good quality tires in Dubai and UAE

How to recognize good quality economy tires in Dubai, Sharjah and all over the UAE

The tire is the only part of our vehicle that is in contact with the road. So it’s normal that it wears out faster than the rest of our car. However, there are ways to prevent this wear, including making the right choice for your car. So, to learn how to recognize quality tires, we suggest you find out in this article.  

When to replace our tires in Dubai?

Before starting to change it, you have to ask yourself when to change it. Know that there are 3 signals that should alert you that a tire in your car is defective and must be changed quickly:

- A wear indicator on your dashboard indicating that the rubber of your wheel is at a critical thickness (the minimum depth of the rubber must be 1.6 mm, below that becomes illegal).

- The two tires on the same axle (front or rear, not on the same side) do not show the same wear. In this case, also remember to check your brake pads, or ask your mechanic what could have caused them harm.

- They show signs of aging. Of course, these are not the only signs that indicate an upcoming visit to the garage for a change of your tires. A car that swerves out of its way when braking, for example, can put you off. 

How to find the right replacement tires in Dubai or tires in Sharjah 

Three main criteria are used to gauge the quality of a tire: fuel economy, wet grip and exterior noise. 

Fuel economy This is probably the first criterion you should consider. The better the quality, the lower the rolling resistance. There is a classification to estimate fuel consumption, which starts from A, the ideal tire, to G, which consumes 0.63 liters more gasoline after 100 kilometers compared to the ideal tire. So remember, these purchases can mean spending more money on fuel. 

Wet braking Then you have to think in terms of security. The worse the braking, the more likely you are in an accident in everyday situations. Again there is a classification, which starts at A for an ideal braking distance, and goes up to F for a braking distance of another 18 meters at 80 km / h.

Tire Exterior noise Measured in decibels, exterior noise is not classified by letter like the other two criteria, but by a symbol which can mean three classes of efficiency. The lower the sound, the better, of course. Although outside noise can be a sign of discomfort, it does not pose any danger to other road users or to yourself. Note that there are also tires in Dubai suitable for summer or winter in particular. The former are known to run all year round in most weather conditions, maintaining very low rolling resistance. Winter tires, on the other hand, provide better grip on icy, snowy roads, or at least when the temperature drops below 7 ° C.

How to change your tires in UAE?

If you've made it this far and have indeed bought one or more tires for your wheels, now is the time to replace them. We recommend that you hire a professional to change your wheels since any garage will have the necessary tools to handle the change as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, if you insist on doing it yourself, you will find a guide that explains the steps to deal with this change at