Tyre Sizes in Dubai UAE


Are you looking for a tire assembly and sales center in Dubai or UAE? For the purchase, rely on the wheel-tire.ae online store, while for the installation choose one of the many UAE workshops affiliated with them. You can have the new tires delivered to an approved assembly center or to your home, if you prefer to check the condition of the goods upon delivery. In both cases you will have all the advantages of purchasing online (large catalog and competitive prices) together with the complete service offered by the tire dealer.

From AQT Tires Dubai UAE the best choice of tires

AQT Tire in Dubai selects the best tire brands that comply with the strictest GCC and European regulations, to guarantee you impeccable road holding in any climatic condition.

Find the most suitable tires for your car in just a few clicks. You can make an appointment online for the fitting of your tires at a Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi center.

How to choose and when to change tires in UAE

The tire size specified by the manufacturer of your car is the most important criterion to respect when choosing a tire. To see which dimensions fit your vehicle, we recommend that you check your vehicle's vehicle registration document or tire side strip to find the width, height, diameter, load index and speed rating of your tires. Remember that tire wear has an important impact on road holding and braking distance. When the tread depth falls below 3mm, tire performance decreases and can generate loss of grip and, on wet surfaces, even dangerous aquaplaning effects. Also keep in mind that the minimum legal tread depth is 1.6mm, below which there are penalties.